Welcome to Aachi Institute of Management and Entrepreneurial Development


message from dean’s desk



Dear Students & Parents,

It gives me great joy and privilege to welcome you to the world of opportunity, which is a unique management program, PGDME, that is specially designed and tailored to match the needs of today’s challenging world. Our program stands out amongst the others in many ways and our unique Weekly Practice School (WPS) paves way for practical learning right from day one through this. The students get hands-on exposure to different management functions in the 18 months of study at AIMED.

On the Job learning – ‘a dedicated mentor for each student throughout his study period, outbound training, street smart business challenges, weekly guest lectures by Industry stalwarts and first-gen entrepreneurs and above all, hand-holding at all learning stages’, are some of the special care we provide for students. Our institute AIMED is backed by the strong Parent Brand "AACHI MASALA", where you are in safe hands.

I welcome you to come and join us and realise your career dream at AIMED!



Dear Students & Parents,

It is my distinct pleasure to share a few deliberations with you. I am impressed by the understanding that every family business situation is different. A well-thought-out principle is essential for any family business. A new programme launched by AIMED is the only way out and path originator for all family-managed businesses. 

AIMED is a brainchild of Aachi Group of Companies. With an awareness of shifting dynamics in the business, AIMED has actively developed new and exciting opportunities in an avenue named as Family Managed Business.

This Postgraduate Diploma Programme proposes concentrations in Family Business, its importance for scions of the Family and the role of succession planning. A strong PAN INDIA academic team is primed to support the initiatives of the students and these academic mentors will throw an explanatory note on a framework of the organisation, mind-sets, best practices, problem–solving perspectives for the family business, as well as tools and working strategy designed to achieve long-term continuity, growth and prosperity.

As AIMED has developed this new academic programme, the first of its kind, has ensured success both inside and outside the classroom. The pedagogy of two week’s classroom and then two weeks practical in their own organisation is a blended learning programme that enables the students to continue the work and apply the learning to their own organisations.

Let me welcome, to AIMED and unleash your potential to reach the horizon of success. I look forward to you to be a part of our AIMED family.

All the best!!!